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What smart building technology can do for you

Industry Leading Technology

i2ip are an approved partner of Honeywell the worlds leading CCTV camera manufacturer.

IP CCTV cameras record 24/7 at 2 – 30 MP achieving at least ten times the clarity of old analogue cameras

IP cameras can cover the same area as 3 or 4 analogue cameras and can be controlled remotely from any internet device

24/7 Monitor

HD recording software analyses motion/unusual events to send alarm to internet device(s) or monitoring station.

Images can be accessed instantly without time consuming playback and do not degrade

Alarms triggered automatically and perpetrator warned off before crime occurs

Invest in peace of mind, security, reduce insurance premiums and business interruption.

Remote activation/control

24/7 specialist monitoring and maintenance support

Remote monitoring and alarms systems ensure assets are under constant surveillance and alarms responded to

IP cameras with built in diagnostics can often be fixed remotely without engineer visits

Maintenance Support

Existing security systems can be upgraded avoiding increasing maintenance costs of ageing analogue systems.

Upgrade cost can be reduced by installing onto cabling of the existing system.

IP cameras connect to NVR recorded with greater capacity than an old DV recorder so less recorders needed

IP is flexible permitting staged planned migration from old analogue to new IP systems to optimise cash flow.

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