Footfall/Data Analysis

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  • IP video sensors and cameras count and analyse store visitors/potential customer numbers and their behaviour.
  • Conversion levels can be raised, in-store hotspots optimised, marketing and customer service enhanced and basket size increased.
  • Staff rotas can be tailored to match footfall patterns.
  • Store productivity is increased by analysing hourly footfall to target peak hours and convert more browsers to customers.
  • Store performance can be benchmarked vs sector competitors.
  • Average consumer spend increases by 39% when they receive good customer service.
  • Customer service can be enhanced by analysing store layout preventing bottlenecks or displays which are ignored.
  • Queuing systems, till openings and staff numbers can be optimised to deliver what customers want effectively in the quckest and most pleasant manner.
  • Infra red, thermal imaging and facial profiling cameras give detailed consumer behavioural analysis to improve in-store experience.
  • Product offers can be developed, trigger price points identified and hotspots be channelled to, promoting customer interest.
  • Poorly performing products can be enhanced or weeded out and replaced by popular products.
  • Store area productivity can be raised through identification and improvement of quiet areas ensuring customers experience the full store.
  • Facial profiling cameras can analyse customer demographics and personalise communications for greater effect.


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