What is it?

  • Contact free units where you simply insert your hands
  • Fluid is dispensed and a traffic light system advises you when to remove your hands
  • Simply rub your hands 
  • Whole transaction with safe queue distancing takes a few seconds per person
  • Effective on Covid 19 and other viruses such as Infuenza
  • Fluid costs negligible and both alcohol and none alcohol based solutions available

Why use it?

  • Can be integrated with systems such as access control, don’t sanitise you can’t enter
  • Equally effective as a stand alone solution
  • Far more effective than manual solutions
  • Removes the need for costly or potentially confrontational staff intervention
  • Part of the “new norm” and helps reduce sick days or days self isolating
  • Demonstrates a proactive responsible and caring approach for staff, clients and visitors
  • We all have a role to play in helping reduce the spread of Covid 19 and other viruses
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