CCTV Benefits

The features and benefits from modern digital CCTV images are endless from security to management tools to health and safety to web streaming to lone worker protection.

Please see the video of the latest artificial intelligence we are using on detection systems:

Why use i2ip?

With over 50 years of experience within the business from building PTZ cameras "on the bench” in the distant path to installing dedicated fibre networks, we know and understand CCTV.

i2ip are able to offer solutions whether that is helping clients keep traditional systems running within budget to designing, installing and maintaining new solutions to achieve customer goals within budget.

We will undertake every aspect of the installation from ground works to commissioning, you do not need to rely on others.

Experience in every CCTV discipline from high quality recording to ANPR to analytics all the way to mask detection systems in the battle against Covid 19.

Monitored CCTV

What Is it?

Monitored CCTV is sending images from one location to another, this can be permanent or "cause and effect” such as alarm triggers.

Alarm triggers can be based on movement detection, analytics, thermal imaging or as simple as panic button activation and door contacts.

The monitoring station are able to respond be that with an audio warning via speakers installed and / or immediate contact with the authorities or the security team.

Why use i2ip?

  • Quite simply unrivalled experience
  • Car dealerships, retail parks, premier league footballers, data centres, farms, office buildings, medical centres, surgeries, sport and leisure venues, scrap yards, storage facilities, hotels the list of premises goes on and on

Remote Access

What Is it?

This is simply the ability to dial into your CCTV system from any device such as a mobile phone, tablet or PC / laptop which has been granted permission.

Why use i2ip?

i2ip have set this up for clients using basic P2P connections all the way through to setting up access on highly secure networks in conjunction with client IT departments.

Management Tools

This is the use of CCTV to assist in the smooth and safe running of businesses examples include;
  • Farmers checking live stock
  • Area managers patrolling service yards in retail parks
  • Regional managers being able to dial into stores to check retail displays, staff response times to talk to clients and queue levels
  • Monitoring people counting (and safe distancing) to help match staff rosters
  • Mask wearing on site
  • Incident response from senior management in crisis or health and safety emergencies 
  • Monitoring crucial equipment on production lines and the ability to take meter readings remotely with captured images as back up.
  • Stock monitoring

Why use i2ip?

i2ip are able to create innovative solutions to assist in the effective running of your enterprise.

Maintenance Support

Existing security systems can be upgraded avoiding increasing maintenance costs of ageing analogue systems.

Upgrade cost can be reduced by installing onto cabling of the existing system.

IP cameras connect to NVR recorded with greater capacity than an old DV recorder so less recorders needed.

IP is flexible permitting staged planned migration from old analogue to new IP systems to optimise cash flow.

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