Building Costs

Buildings costs can be the 2nd highest of all business costs. An integrated smart building energy management system connects with other systems eg. fire and security, protecting vital assets, enhancing efficiency, lowering costs and risks.

Why use i2ip?

Expert understanding of how different technology can work on a single cost effective network.

<span class='wpmi-mlabel'>Energy Management and Green Credentials</span>
<span class='wpmi-mlabel'>Energy Management and Green Credentials</span>

Reduce energy consumption by up to 20% and water usage by 50%

  • Monitoring system connects to your water, gas and electric meters converting usage data into user friendly charts.
  • Accurate business energy and water usage profile is produced.
  • Energy consumption peaks can be forecast and consumption reduced by production scheduling.
  • Performance vs energy reduction targets can be accessed from anywhere over phone or tablet via internet.
  • Unusual event alerts identify leaks and breakdowns triggering automatic detection/repair to minimise costs/disruption.
  • Waste reduced by optimising energy usage to time of day and room occupancy.
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