IT and Telecoms

Fast, efficient, accurate communication is essential to business.

Hard/software and processes are constantly evolving but we can get you up to date and keep you there. Cutting edge, future proof systems will get you communicating optimally to and from anywhere, on site and on the move.

VOIP (voice over internet protocol)

VOIP can slash voicecall costs with hosted phone/fax and video conferencing functionality over the internet. There is no need for expensive and complex office hardware purchase and maintenance. VOIP phones are portable globally and available anywhere with broadband. Log into your VOIP phone making and receiving calls to and from your number from anywhere as if you were still in the office.

VOIP is more flexible than a traditional private branch exchange which connects your internal calls to external lines and is designed for a limited amount of phones and numbers. With VOIP you can scale up easily to the limit of your bandwidth.

Phone – landline and mobile services

Our leading edge systems employ the most efficient equipment and online usage alerts and invoicing ensure reduced costs. Call reporting and recording systems enhance initial customer experience and improve ongoing service and dispute resolution.


Your workforce and public expect full internet connectivity to all devices regardless of location.

We provide tailored wifi solutions to maximise reliability at minimal cost.

Cloud Based Telephony

Integrate your fixed and mobile estates within a cloud based communication system accessed via a web portal. System is configured to your needs and supported by remote administration rather than your IT team, lowering costs and improving productivity.

Data Networks

Speed, bandwidth and reliability are crucial to your network. We can assess and advise on your performance, location and budget requirements providing a cost effective, efficient solution from ADSL and fibre broadband to secure virtual private networks and next generation ethernet.

We will optimise your servers, firewalls, routers, security, internet connectivity and backups and your fixed and mobile telephony estate to get you working smarter and saving money.

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